Conservatory sails and blinds

Conservatory sail blinds for the home or commercial spaces


Sail Blinds are the exciting new way to shade your conservatory. They control heat and glare fitting in with any shape of roof or construction. They were developed specifically for UK conservatories to tackle some of the issues associated with traditional pleated blinds. The specially-designed sail uses a high performance fabric to control the heat without having to cover all of the roof, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of the view and sun without the excessive heat. The breathable fabric and robust flexible construction means you don’t have to look at dead flies (like those trapped in pleated blinds) because you can simply shake them off. When you want to remove any dust or dirt, the blinds can be washed in your machine at 30 degrees.

When we saw InShade conservatory sails blinds at the British Blinds and Shutters Association trade show, we instantly recognised the benefits. For the first time ever you have a solution that not only controls the heat but also truly enhances the conservatory experience. Unique within the blinds industry, the design-led process means blinds are tailored to how you want to use your conservatory ensuring you get the best possible solution.

The whole process works because InShade conservatory sail blinds are made from a unique solar control fabric. The ISX fabric is 100% UK made and provides the ultimate in heat control, solar efficiency and has been proven to be durable in even the most extreme temperatures. This is important because the air temperature inside the roof of your conservatory often reaches more than 70 degrees centigrade when the roof vents are closed. As these blinds provide the most effective heat control available, you can enjoy your conservatory more than ever before, enjoying all of the benefits of a glazed roof without suffering from excessive heat on sunny days.

Paul Baglin at InShade says: “Customers are always amazed by the transformation. They feel an instant impact on the heat as soon as the sails are installed. Once they see the sunlight filtering through the sails they are impressed by the transformation of the space. Later, when required, customers really appreciate how easy the sail blinds are to clean”.

We work closely with the specialist designers at InShade to ensure each solution is tailor made to suit the budget and desired look. Get the most out of your conservatory all year round.

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